Because Thailand in modern society. With the progress in technology development, focused on the race to create stability in the income I make Thailand and Thailand are very materialistic, more, thus causing behavioral problems of people in society, the powerless against morality, ethics, lack of discipline is exploited well. Causing the decline is even more psychological and resulting lifestyle and values of a good fade. Due to the deterioration of family, community and cultural environment deteriorates community lacks a unified, bringing Western culture as the values that overspending is selfish and more irreparable problems in society and developments Communities were destroyed and the potential lack basic lack of self-development which these problems have emerged with Thailand. Long ago and is currently experiencing exponential increase in youth problems are problems that have long and to change the patterns and more intricate. This is because society has changed. Very fast and need to rely on the production of income under a competitive disadvantage to fall into hard times in life a lot more supportive of social morality. Moral and cultural values as a society hijacked a conflict with the individual. And value objects And consumerism Additional support from the community and family cohesion. The community is broken and a broken family Together with the phenomenon of drug aids and mobility of foreigners.


           Make youth vulnerable groups who are affected by such changes cause problems or difficult circumstances in many aspects, such as the most severe. Young children are the most vulnerable, including those moving across the region. Ethnic groups on high the rural poor moved voluntarily been deceived or forced into sex work. The street children begging in the city in a cycle of drugs. Exposed to AIDS the level of violence is a group of young children in the exploitation of labor in agriculture. Formal industry Child sexual abuse in the physical, but also the children, young people, partly facing drug problems. Luu, a new issue spread quickly, much more the many young children who are in difficult circumstances because of orphaned, abandoned, disabled, affected by AIDS. There were also a lot of young kids that do not get the basic right to life. Health and education to resolve these problems, it has, with the state government. NGOs As well as religious organizations charitable organizations a strategic approach.



          Various target Children in the target group, children, groups, organizations and clubs, a variety of child care. But it seems that the problem is not light. This is probably because.

1) The problem is too big and complex.

2) We have the end result. While the cause of the development imbalances caused weakness in community organizations. And by family obligations to care for these children and youth.

3) The cause of serious problems arising from the implementation of the law has flaws.

4) We also lack a unified budget policy, projects and activities.

5) Children and youth workers lacked knowledge. And practice effective the children also help organizations themselves did not. All images are the problems that moved up steadily. While the problem has a sparse staccato movement.


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